The Google Diet!

Google has a TON of services that are fueled by one thing only. Selling your data, directly or indirectly.

Whether that's a good or a bad thing is up to you. But if you decided that you rather not do business with Google, what are the alternatives?

Google search

This one is easy, We love it! Using the Firefox add-on it makes the browser feel more powerful because of the !bangs.


You've got two options here basically.

  1. Use a different e-mail service (like live or yahoo mail).
  2. Host your own e-mail inbox.

We feel like #1 doesn't really solve the problem, but only moves it around. So we went ahead with #2.

Some options to look into for that are:

  1. Rent a dedicated e-mail server from a hosting company you trust.
  2. Rent a VPS and set up the mail server yourself. Pointers: ISPConfig, postfix, dovecot, Thunderbird
  3. Purchase a small server and set it up at home. Requires a stable internet connection and power supply. Pointers: Proxmox, TKL, Raspbian

For the options where you manage your own servers, do not forget to back up your data regularly!

Gtalk / Google Hangouts

The issue is pretty much the same as for Gmail. Gtalk and Google Hangouts uses XMPP at it's core for chatting, like gmail uses e-mail.

  1. Use a different service, like Jappix.
  2. Host your own server. (Try any combination of servers and clients you like. We like ejabberd with Pidgin / Xabber)

If you're looking for video conferencing try

Google Contacts

Usually integrated in Gmail, but this is more prominent when you sync your contacts with your phone.

Baikal works well for a server and then syncing it with SOGO-connector in Thunderbird and CardDAV-Sync as an Android app.

Google Calendar

Using Baikal again for the server, you can use the Lightning addon for Thunderbird and for syncing Caldav Sync on android.

TODO (soon™):

  • YouTube
  • Google Drive / Docs
  • Google Analytics (try piwik)
  • Android